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Stonewall Sports - KC Kickball

Welcome to Stonewall Kickball!

Kickball Rules

Welcome to Stonewall Kickball Fall 2022!

League Info

Location: Gillham Park (3915 Gillham Rd)

Day of the Week: Sunday

No new changes for the Fall season

We will be requiring proof of vaccinations for the upcoming season. We will keep all participants up to date on how to submit proof of vaccination in upcoming email notifications. If you already submitted your proof of vaccination for a previous season of any sport, you will NOT need to resubmit verification- please make sure to sign up using the same email address you used for previous seasons so that we can verify.

Game Dates: 8/28, 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/2, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23 (tournament). 10/30 will be a rain make-up day. 11/13 will be the captains retrospective.

Divisions - Same as last season, there will be 3 kickball divisions, please read carefully to fully understand how each will be run:

  • Orange Division - A home for players looking to have fun, meet new people, learn how kickball is played, etc. While we will keep track of scores during games, competition is not the driving factor here.

  • Yellow Division - For those players seeking more challenging gameplay, but the score may not be as important.

  • Pink Division - Having fun and meeting new people are at the heart here as well, however, this division is geared more towards those for whom the score is important, too.

Game Play - The regular season will be played over 7 weeks and will conclude with an inter-division playoff tournament. Captains will be asked to assess their team's skill level during registration as well as their preferred division; preferences will be taken into consideration, but are not guaranteed.

Team Captains - Captains must first register before players will be able to join the team. Once captains have registered a team they will receive a link to the Google Form where they can choose their top three preferred team t-shirt colors for the season. Captains and Co-Captains are also required to attend a mandatory Captain's meeting on Tuesday, August 16th (details to follow). If the captain or co-captain is unable to attend, they must provide a representative in their place.

Team Player - If you already know which team you are going to play on, and have received approval from that team captain, you will need to register as a team player. Please note that captains have final say over their rosters and can email the Kickball Director to remove a player from their team but only after the captain has first communicated with the player and explained the reason for removal.

New Players/Free Agents - Players registering as Free Agents (aka any player joining not as part of an existing team) will be asked to choose whether they would like to play in the Pink, Yellow, or Orange Divisions for the season. Rosters will be assembled in each division based on selected preferences. Free Agents will have an opportunity to meet with captains of teams looking to fill open spots on their rosters during the Free Agent Social taking place on Saturday, July 23rd (location TBD) from 1-2 pm, immediately following Kickball 101, taking place from 12-1 pm.

Registration Details

Regular Registration runs from 7/13 - 7/20. Late Registration runs from 7/21 - 7/27, and is subject to an additional $5 late fee. Registration will close automatically when the league reaches capacity, which could occur before 7/27.

Roster additions, updates, and changes will be allowed until 7/28. No edits or changes will be accepted after 7/28.

Registration Cost: $35.00

Max. Number of Teams: 24

Max. Number of Players per Team: 20

Min. Number of Players per Team: 12

Teams are strongly encouraged to exceed the 12 player minimum to ensure they can field a team each week and avoid forfeits throughout the season.

Stonewall Sports KC strives to provide an inclusive and fun environment for all, regardless of your ability to pay. If interested for yourself or for a potential recruit to your team, please contact our treasurer at

T-shirt Pickup 

T-shirts will be given to captains to be distributed to players ahead of the first game day. Due to supply chain issues, there is a chance the t-shirts will not arrive in time for the first game. Should this be the case, players will be allowed to wear any shirt during game days until the shirts are delivered. Once shirts are delivered and given to captains, players will be required to wear their Fall 2022 kickball shirt for the remainder of the season.

Returning teams have the first right of refusal to select their "legacy color," that is the color they were in the most recent season of the same sport; following this, new teams or teams wishing to pick a new color will have a choice of all remaining colors.

To review shirt colors prior to registering, follow these links: Standard Colors & Heather Colors

Any T-Shirt related questions can be directed to the Director of Operations at

Season Opener Party

Come kick off a brand new season with a seasoning opening party immediately following the first day of games on 8/28 Location and time are still being finalized, so stay tuned to our Facebook and Instagram for more details.

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